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Pavel Datsyuk interview to SovSport

Специально для наших заокеанских братьев-болельщиков перевел наиболее интересные фрагменты из интервью Павла Дацюка, опубликованного в газете "Советский Спорте".

Here you'll find some interesting Pav's quotes from his big interview to Sovetskiy Sport (full version via Google translator).

Q: Where are you now?
A: I've spent a few days in my native town Ekaterinburg. Then I was in Moscow for a day and now I'm back in Detroit. Next week I'll fly to Las Vegas where NHL Award Show takes place.

Q: You were nominated for Lady Bing Trophy again and it could be your 5 Lady Bing in a row.
A: Yes, and I hope take it one more time. Will see if I deserving this Trophy.

Q: Are you going to read your speech again?
A: You know, I've been only twice to such ceremonies. And everytime it's a little nervous.It's more difficult for me to go on the stage than to hit the ice.

Q: Tell us about your jersey number - why it's "13"?
A: When I was a kid a like "10". In juniors I whore "7". But when I came to Ak Bars of Russian Super League I took my favorite one - "13". This number has it's own part in my private life. For example I met my wife at 13th. By the way not every number has it's own nickname. "13" has - "Baker's dozen". I like it.


Q: Why some players of team Russia missed practices during the World Championship 2010 in Germany?
A: <...> If we miss practices it doesn't mean that're not working. We just not on the ice, but we go to the gym, work there and make some exercices. It helps me to keep my mind open and to save some power for the game.
This season I played in NHL regular season, at the Olympics, NHL playoffs and World Championship. At some point you understand that it's too much hockey in your life. You should have some time for a rest. 
And I thing that it's bad idea to hold the World Championship the same year with the Olympic Games.


Q: What can you say about 45-y.o. Dominik Hasek's new contract with "Spartak" from KHL?
A: I'm sure, that if "Spartak" signed Hasek to a contract they know that he can help them.Your ages is not a main thing in hockey. For example 47-y.o. Chris Chelios played well in "Red Wings".
Hasek is a workaholic. He hates to lose. Even he was 42 when we played together in Detroit, he worked very hard at each training. He's very strong athlet.


Q: Who is your best friends in "Red Wings"?
A: All guys are great! But the best are Zetterberg, Filppula, Draper and Maltby.

Q:Why do you like Detroit?
A: It's a good place for work. There are not so many temptations. And the climate it Detroit is similar to Ekateriburg.

Q: In case if  "Red Wings" not makes the playoffs or lose in the 1st round, are there are any chances that you'll join "Grand Rapids Griffins" and try to win the Calder Cup in AHL? 
A: No way.

Q: Do you attend games of other Detroit teams as "Tigers", "Lions" or "Pistons"?
A: Yes. But this year I have been to only one Piston's game. Also I often attend Tiger's games - I like baseball.

Q: Do you know the russian Red Wings fan page - www.fedorovka.ru? It was named in Sergei Fedorov's honor when he played in Red Wings. And now you are one of the favorite players of russian fans.
A: Yes I know Fedorovka.ru. One day I've found there a great photoshop picture - "3 hunters have a hult". But hunter's heads were replaced with Brett Hull, Henrik Zetterberg and my faces! What a great picture! 
(see the picture below)

Q: They call you SZK - "Sami Znaete Kto" ("You Know Who"). Because it's not necessary to call you name - everyone know, that it's only you who can make such amazing dangles and dekes.
A: Oh, great! Thank you guys!!!

Q: It seems that defensmens really afraid to stay one-on-one with you. You don't just beat them, but you make them feels like a clowns..!
A: You know, when they hit and check me they don't feel sorry. So it's my revenge.

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